Infrared based Tunner Dryer

Swab Dryer

It is the most economical and energry efficient dryer with high speed output

Compact, Cost-effective and Controllable

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  • High Speed

  • Energy efficient

  • Improved product quality

  • Less noice

  • Continuous operation

  • Easy maintanance

  • More control

  • Compact size

Proper drying is required after the production of nylon and cotton swabs. Flocculation is the process by which the head of the swab is covered by nylon powder . After the flocculation process, the head of the swab is completely wet. In traditional drying methods, the swabs are placed in a conventional dryer for a specific period of time. This is very time consuming and the output output is non-uniform.

Swabs can be placed directly on the conveyor without temporary storage as our IR based swab dryer remains in operation. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted to get the desired dryness. The efficiency of the process is improved as the machine controls the humidity inside the drying chamber.


Key Features

  • Humidity control

  • IAutomatic dust removal

  • Speed control

  • Accurate heat control