Infrared Heating Dryers


The industrial dryer is a setup commonly used in a variety of industrial processing applications, and the main effort of industrial dryers is to remove or remove moisture, water, and other solvents from the processing material. Industrial dryers must be carefully designed so as not to alter or affect the physical, chemical or biological property of the material, as industrial dryers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose the right dryer for processing.


We, PEEPL specialized in assisting different types of industries in designing, manufacturing and installing different types of industries. We assist the client in the selection process by understanding the preconditions for the quality, size, shape and moisture content of the final dry product. We also consider production arrangements, construction materials, the most common stainless steel, consumption energy consumption type, feed type, and quantity of materials to be supplied.


Compact, Cost-effective and Controllable

Vacuum Dryers

Freeze Dryers

Custom Hybrid Dryers

Vacuum drying is a batch operation performed on an airtight container. With vacuum pumps, the pressure and humidity inside the chamber are reduced. By reducing the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber, the material inside dries more quickly through indirect contact with the heated walls. PEEPL provide vacuum dryers of high efficiency and effectiveness.


Vacuum drying is one of the industrial drying techniques for heat-sensitive, hygroscopic, and / or toxic powders and granules. Avoiding excessive heat when the powder dries may be necessary for a variety of reasons, from product quality to safety:

Pharmaceutical powders - When activated the ingredients may lose their medicinal effect when heated.
Food Drying - Some nutrients may be depleted if exposed to high temperatures. Taste, consistency and appearance deteriorate with extreme heat.
Plastics and Chemical Processing - Synthetic materials can expel toxins by prolonged exposure to heat. This can be dangerous for convection drying methods because the hot air flow must eventually be released.

Freeze-drying is a method of removing water by sublimation of ice crystals from frozen material. Suitable parameters of process application allow us to obtain best quality products compared to products dried with traditional methods. PEEPL provide cost effective and energy efficient freeze dryer solutions. 


PEEPL provide custom drying solution for the special drying applications where multiple parameters has to be controlled. Hybrid dryers are the combination of different drying technologies such as conventional heaters, IR heaters, vacuum drying process etc. It is suitable in premium drying applications, experiments, lab purposes etc. 


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